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Dali City Master Plan, Territorial Space Planning

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Project Period:

2019 - 2020


  • Strategic positioning incl. specific goals
  • Spatial layout for protection of resources – environmental, ecological, cultural etc.
  • Development spatial layout – different usages
  • Implementation and control incl. institutional mechanisms, control maps, policies for control and monitoring etc.


Dali City Natural Resources Bureau

Project area:

apprx. 1800 km2/ Built area: 160 km2

Tasks / Responsibilities:

  • Conduct research on lakeside cities developmental models and plan to generate a world class ecological city.
  • Present situation analysis based on scientific methods.
  • Detailed GIS based ecological resource protection planning of Erhai Lake and construction of an ecological coast.
  • Develop spatial concept plan for Dali city – the development scenarios and a vision for future.
  • Comprehensive management of small watersheds.
  • Develop various territorial spatial plans for Dali (2019-2035-2050), incl. settlements, transportation, landscape etc..
  • Concept plan for key areas.
  • Policy recommendations and guiding measures.


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