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LEP NEWS 200331 Sanya

LEP & CDG win 2nd rank in international landscape planning & design competition

March 2020, Sanya - LEP was invited by its project partner China Design Group (CDG, Nanjing) to participate in the international landscape planning & design competition for the newly planned Sanya-Yazhou Science & Technology City. The CDG-LEP consortium won the second place out of four international teams from Singpore, England and China.


LEP NEWS 181217 WorlEcoDesignConf

Swiss Ambassador and Consul General visit Kunming

December 2019, Kunming - On December 16, 2019, the Swiss Ambassador in Beijing, Mr. Bernardino Regazzoni, and Swiss Consul General in Chengdu, Ms. Conny Camenzind, visited Kunming City and met Kunming Foreign Affairs Office to talk about the city partnership Zurich-Kunming. After the meeting LEP guided the Ambassador and Consul General to visit Yunnan Kunming Planning Hall and Guanshang Quarter in Guandu District to learn about the activities and achievements made under the cooperation project „Sino-Swiss Low Carbon Cities“ (SSLCC). They also visited Fubao Village, where LEP is supporting the local government in shaping the future spatial development under potential Sino-Swiss cooperation on environmental technologies.


LEP NEWS 181217 WorlEcoDesignConf

LEP at International City Partnership Conference

December 2019, Kunming - On December 3, 2019, LEP participates at the International City Partnership Conference in Chenggong-Kunming, which is dedicated to the topic of education with a strong focus on vocational training. Diego Salmeron who represents the city administration of Zurich, gives a welcome speech highlighting the key education activities which were undertaken so far under city partnership Zurich-Kunming and expresses the interest of Zurich to further cooperate with Kunming on vocational training issues, where Zurich has a long and successful record to offer.


LEP NEWS 181217 WorlEcoDesignConf

LEP at Tongji University

November 2019, Shanghai - On November 21, 2019, LEP was invited by Prof. Shen Qingji from College of Architecture & Urban Planning at Tongji University to hold a lecture about Swiss spatial and environmental planning practice as well as about related reference projects of LEP in China. Professor Shen visited together with a group of PhD students LEP in Zurich already in July 2019.


LEP NEWS 181217 WorlEcoDesignConf

New Consul General of Switzerland meets LEP in Kunming

October 2019, Kunming - On October 23, 2019, the new Consul General of Switzerland in Chengdu, Ms. Conny Camenzind, paid an official visit to Kunming and met Kunming Municipal People’s Government as well as Swiss company representatives. LEP was represented by its General Manager, Mr. Wang Lian, who attended the meetings and introduced Ms. Camenzind into the business activities of LEP in China.


LEP NEWS 181217 WorlEcoDesignConf

LEP supports Fubao Village

September 2019, Kunming - LEP was mandated by Fubao Village to carry out a preliminary formulation and assessment of spatial development alternatives for Fubao Village. Being located in an ecologically highly sensitive area, Fubao’s future economic basis should rely much stronger on green economy, which contributes in many senses to Kunming’s overall goal of low-carbon city, formulated in the new urbanization plan 2050.


LEP NEWS 181217 WorlEcoDesignConf

LEP at fact finding mission in Guizhou

July 2019, Guizhou - Under the lead and organization of Swiss Chinese Association (SCA), LEP team and other Swiss companies’ representatives participated in a fact finding mission to the cities of Guiyang and Tongren in Guizhou Province.


LEP NEWS 181217 WorlEcoDesignConf

LEP at fact finding mission in Lincang

May 2019, Lincang - Under the lead and organization of Consulate General of Switzerland in Chengdu and Swiss Green Buildings (SGB) association, LEP team and other Swiss companies’ representatives participated in a fact finding mission to the city of Lincang in Southwestern Yunnan.


LEP NEWS 181217 WorlEcoDesignConf

LEP at SSLCC National Conference in Kunming

May 2019, Lincang - The SSLCC National Conference was one of the most important milestones under the Sino-Swiss Low Carbon Cities project, launched by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) in 2016. Representatives of three SSLCC pilot cities Chengdu, Guangzhou and Kunming, as well as of the city of Zurich and LEP participated in this conference and presented their project outcomes and outputs.


LEP NEWS 181217 WorlEcoDesignConf

LEP wins bidding competition for Dali City Spatial Masterplan

March 2019, Dali - Dali Prefecture and City were selected as pilot region for the new type spatial masterplan by Yunnan Government under national spatial planning reform. LEP and three other international teams were invited for a planning bidding competition for the entire administrative area of Dali city with approx. 1800m2 area. LEP won the competition and was mandated by Dali Natural Resources Bureau to elaborate the new type spatial masterplan for Dali City.


LEP NEWS 181217 WorlEcoDesignConf

MoU signed for carbon neutral site development

February 2019, Vijayawada - LEP represented 2000Watt Smart Cities Association (2000WSCA) and signed the MoU with AP Govt. towards setting up the first 2000Watt-Smart-City Township in the new capital of Andhra Pradesh, Amaravati. LEP together with Nuesch Development AG Switzerland will lead the ambitious project.

The 2000Watt-Smart-City Township will support the initial stages of the development of the new capital Amaravati by means of setting up the first example of carbon neutral community and developing efficient and new form of public private partnership between the AP state and Swiss partners.


LEP NEWS 181217 WorlEcoDesignConf

LEP at World Eco Design Conference

December 2018, Guangzhou - During the 1st World Eco Design Conference held in Conghua District of Guangzhou, the first phase of SSLCC Guangzhou case study was concluded by several speeches from Swiss (Generis, LEP) and Chinese partners, as well as by the official hand-over ceremony of the Liuxi River Belt Region Low Carbon Master Plan Guideline Report.



LEP signs MoU with KABEP

December 2018, Kunming - During the inauguration ceremony of Kunming research center for commercial floor space data assessment, LEP and Kunming Association of Building Economic Promotion (KABEP) signed a MoU for project cooperation on GIS based commercial floor space data assessment.


LEP NEWS 181102 Del visit ZH

Kunming delegation visits Zurich

November 2018, Zurich - From October 28 to November 1, 2018, a technical delegation from Kunming visited the city of Zurich under “Sino-Swiss Low Carbon Cities” (SSLCC) cooperation project. The visit focused mainly on the SSLCC subprojects of low carbon industrial heritage, urban infrastructure and low carbon awareness building.


LEP NEWS 180925 Vontobel Davos

LEP as guest speaker at Vontobel EAM Summit

September 2018, Davos - Diego Salmeron was invited by Swiss Vontobel Bank to participate at their annual External Asset Manager Summit in Davos to hold a speech about urban planning in China. The summit focused on Asia related topics with regard to artificial intelligence, society and behavioral economics and market assessments.


LEP NEWS 180619 Asia Expo

LEP at South Asia Expo

June 2018, Kunming - Under the lead of Swiss General Consulate in Chengdu, LEP joined the Swiss pavilion at the South Asia Expo in Kunming. Besides presenting its company services and project references in China and Switzerland, LEP also highlighted the city partnership between Zurich and Kunming. Several government officials visited the Swiss pavilion and LEP booth, such as Yunnan Economic Promotion Agency, Lincang Prefecture, Kunming Foreign Affairs Office and others.


LEP NEWS 180420 Expert VisitKu

Zurich experts visit Kunming

April 2018, Kunming - LEP led and coordinated the visit of a technical delegation from Zurich in Kunming. The visit under city partnership and SSLCC program focused on cooperation areas of low carbon urban and transportation planning, industrial heritage, low carbon urban infrastructure and low carbon awareness building.


LEP NEWS 180116 Dali A

LEP gets a new assignment from Dali Authorities

January 2018, Dali - On January 15th, 2018, Dali Provincial Tourist Resort Administration Committee and LEP Consultants AG signed a service contract for the project “Consultancy Support for Preservation & Protection Plan and Development Concept for historical Stations along ancient Tea & Horse Road – On the Case of Fengyan Yi Village and Qing Dong Village of Dali City”.


LEP NEWS 171109 DelViZH

Kunming technical delegation visits Zurich

November 2017, Zurich - From November 5-8, 2017, a technical delegation from Kunming under “Sino-Swiss Low Carbon Cities” (SSLCC) cooperation project visited Switzerland and the city of Zurich in particular. The delegation consisted of members of Kunming Urban Planning Authority (KUPA), Kunming Urban Planning and Design Institue (KUPDI) and Kunming Urban Transportation Institute (KUTI).


LEP NEWS 171015 OM Ausst

Zurich Exhibition under 35 Years City Partnership Anniversary

October 2017, Kunming - LEP attended the opening event of the Otto Meister exhibition at the city museum of Kunming under 35 years city partnership anniversary. Otto Meister, a civil engineer from ETH Zurich, was based in Kunming at the beginning of the 20th century and worked as a leading engineer for the construction of the narrow gauge railway line from Kunming to Vietnam under French protectionism.