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Preservation & Protection Plan and Development Concept for historical Stations along Ancient Tea & Horse Road

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Project Period:



  • Consultancy support in the domain of preservation & protection plan as well as sustainable development concept of historical stations along ancient tea and horse road, on the case of Fengyang Yi Village and Qing Dong Village of Dali City
  • The scope includes offering good collaboration opportunities and mutual exchange between Swiss and Chinese experts, promoting a participatory planning process with key stakeholders, re-positioning and strengthening the overall value of the ancient tea & horse caravan trail as well as the two historical villages within Dali City and Prefecture as well as within Yunnan Province and China, and dissemination at the occasion of national and international conferences and seminars.


Dali Provincial Tourist Resort Administration Committee

Project Area:


Tasks / Responsibilities:

  • Tea and Horse Caravan Trail:
    • Comprehensive situation analysis
    • SWOT
    • Need for action- general strategy
  • Fengyang Yi & Qing Dong Villages:
    • Comprehensive situation analysis
    • Inventorisation of historical and contemporary buildings, public areas and roads in the historical core area, in close collaboration with local partner team from Dali
    • Vision and development strategy for future development concept including future positioning of Fengyang Yi and Qing Dong villages (and their historical core areas), protection/preservation plan for entire stations, single buildings and road sections, development plan for Fengyang Yi and Qing Dong villages with their historical cores and plan implementation strategy
    • Draft monitoring and controlling concept


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