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Zurich – The building and zoning regulations in the city of Zurich are to be supplemented by energy zones. These areas will feature mandatory quotas with regard to the share of renewable energies used. The proposal is now being presented to the public.

Citizens of Zurich will have the opportunity from Friday to see how the new energy zones in the city are being defined. During the display period running until August 4, 2020, all citizens of Zurich are invited to express their views in writing, as communicated by the City of Zurich on its website.

In this submission, the building and zoning regulations are to be supplemented by the inclusion of energy zones, with the cantonal structure plan accordingly adjusted. The city of Zurich is therefore complying with the motion put forward by the SP, Green and GLP parliamentary groups, thereby taking the opportunity to make arrangements for the use of renewable energies in suitable areas identified in the zoning plan.

In these energy zones, the overall aim is for a maximum of just 40 percent of the heating and hot water energy requirement to be covered by way of fossil fuels when replacing systems for generating heat in new and renovated buildings as well as existing buildings. It has not been prescribed from which sources of renewable energy the remaining 60 percent of the energy consumption requirement must be obtained.

The relevant documentation is now on display for the public to view at the city of Zurich’s urban planning office, Amtshaus IV. Due to the extraordinary situation connected with the coronavirus pandemic, the city is recommending that its citizens consult the relevant documentation online in order to avoid visiting the urban planning office in person. When the plan has been finalized, a decision on taking objections into account will follow. Thereafter, the plan and statement regarding the objections not taken into consideration will be available for public consultation.