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Rotkreuz ZG/Dübendorf ZH – The Innovation Park Central Switzerland and the research building NEST in Dübendorf are entering a partnership. The aim is to develop, test and make ready for the market innovative solutions in the construction industry.

The Innovation Park Central Switzerland and NEST, the research and innovation building established by the Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa), as well as the water research institute Eawag are entering a partnership. The aim is to amalgamate expertise and accelerate innovation processes in the construction sector, according to a statement.  

Comprehensive expertise in the conception of innovative construction solutions hails from the Innovation Park Central Switzerland, while the NEST Team specialises in the implementation and demonstration of concepts. “We see enormous potential for this new partnership ", commented Melissa Kneubühler, Innovation Coordinator at the Innovation Park Central Switzerland. 

The partnership will see NEST representatives work in laboratories at the Innovation Park Central Switzerland in Rotkreuz, where they will contribute expertise in digitlisation, energy and circular economy. These new concepts will then be implemented and developed at NEST in Dübendorf.  

“Located on the Empa campus, NEST provides us with a test environment where real-world conditions prevail. This enables us to efficiently validate the concepts we develop with our new partners at the Innovation Park Central Switzerland and to evaluate their marketability,” said Reto Largo, Managing Director of NEST.