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Baden AG – The new platform for the Swiss construction sector, building360.netzwerk, aims to be a type of think tank for construction specialists that would like to emerge stronger from the coronavirus crisis. It hopes to promote exchange while dealing with the current situation.

According to a press release, the newly launched building360.netzwerk platform is an “industry community of stakeholder groups in the areas of planning, building, and building infrastructure operation.” A “passion for construction” unites them all as well as the consequences of the coronavirus crisis.

The central question is what the information and instructions for conduct regarding COVID-19 mean for the industry specifically and what lessons can be learned from this. The new platform pools together relevant and current information from opinion leaders and specialists in legal questions. “It saves users time and simultaneously establishes a community with a think tank character.”

However, above all it aims to help with the exchange of ideas and experiences for those who “view the crisis as an opportunity,” as its founder, Emmanuel Gilgen, states in an invitation video. “We in the construction planning world would like to take the societal changes as an impetus, as a starting point for new development,” the young process, quality and knowledge manager from the construction industry says. “We would like to move away from fragmented, individual work and act together, above all with added value. We would like to be a model for the construction world in living and developing in a laid‑back, free, and above all modern way.”

According to the information given, the semi-public industry community consists of planners, companies, authorities, investors, and builders. Universities and knowledge bearers from other sectors are also involved. “We will help our community to emerge from the joint challenge of COVID-19. In the past, these sorts of situations have frequently been the start of something big, as exciting opportunities await after the time of COVID-19.”