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Ahmedabad – Stellar, a solar-powered commercial building, recently opened in India. It features a rainwater harvesting system and terraces to deflect the sun and mitigate high temperatures.

Mumbai-based design studio Sanjay Puri Architects recently unveiled Stellar, a solar-powered commercial building in Ahmedabad, India. With a sculptural office on its northwest side, the angular building is constructed with red aluminum sheets. It also features terraces that deflect the sun to mitigate the high temperatures in the city. 

The building comprises retail and office space, and around a third of the offices have access to landscaped terraces with solar shading. The terraces are also connected to a rainwater harvesting tank and feature solar panels, according to an article on 

Stellar is crowned by an angular office with aluminium sheets that protect the windows from the sun. Another clever design feature are the perforations on selected panels that allow natural light into the office. 

“This office space is deliberately designed to contrast with the rest of the building, creating an interesting juxtaposition of color, volume and geometry in addition to creating an individual identity based upon the brief,” the architects told Inhabitat.