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LEP Consultants AG is a professional consultancy firm specialized in spatial and environmental planning tasks at different levels in an international context. We provide services and products in the field of urban development and sustainable management of resources to fast growing towns and changing regions. Our comprehensive and networked planning approach allows us to offer sustainable and customized solutions.

Urban Planning News


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Sino-Swiss Low Carbon Cities (SSLCC), Phase 1

Contribute to the mitigation of climate change by reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases in Chinese urban areas. The objective of the 2 phase project is to promote a more sustainable urbanisation in China respecting low carbon.... +


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Dali City Master Plan - Territorial Space Planning

Conduct research on lakeside cities developmental models and plan to generate a world class ecological city... +


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Assessment Method for Surface Infrastructure Facilities – Nuclear Waste Underground Storage

Evaluation of sites for the surface infrastructure facilities of a deep nuclear waster underground storage in the Nördlich Lägern region (Cantons Aargau/Zurich), which is... +